The Restoration

  • B-17 Prop Deicer Tank Drain
    B-17 Prop Deicer Tank Drain-cock

Their goal is to restore the aircraft to it’s original B-17E configuration which will even undo the 1943 conversion to the XC-108 configuration.  A restoration within a restoration?

So where did the name “Desert Rat” come from?  Several years ago, while removing paint from one of the bare aluminum nose panels, the name “Desert Rat” was exposed under other layers of paint.  On another nose panel the name “Tangerine” appeared.  Based on the overlaying layers of paint it was assumed that the name “Desert Rat” was the original so that is what the project is going to stick with.

Mike Kellner, Bill Stanczak and many others have put decades of blood, sweat, tears, and dollars into this restoration in the hope that the “Desert Rat” will once again grace the skies in remembrance of the hundreds of thousands of people who built (and restored!), maintained, flew and yes, loved, the B-17.

  • Link Base Unit
    Link Trainer Base Unit